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These cats have a sense of humor, in fact, they know how to clean the countertops more efficiently than just about anything I’ve seen! For some peculiar reason, cats love knocking everything over.  It’s almost like they want to see what happens and those powerful little paws just can’t resist the urge! You just never …


  1. Posted by sroy6600, — Reply

    No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet. “People who don’t like cats were probably mice in an earlier life’’

  2. Posted by totoromimi2007, — Reply

    Me eating everything in the house because I don’t want to do anything but I’m bored

  3. Posted by unofficialduckdice, — Reply

    If I knows cats there's no way you're getting that bread back haha

  4. Posted by ellashannon3115, — Reply

    So cute it looks like it wants 25 more pieces of bread or whatever that is

  5. Posted by 16rr010415, — Reply

    Soooo cute

  6. Posted by amfrazier1225, — Reply

    Thats high cat all right.

  7. Posted by yhannacristinaq, — Reply

    when your down for pancakes you get i big bite and that face that you have🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Posted by jacobsmazie96, — Reply

    He do big chomp :D

  9. Posted by Aizawa19190, — Reply

    Aizawa approves

  10. Posted by yoola, — Reply

    adorable ...

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