Best Brownie Recipe Ever


This really is the Best Brownie Recipe ever! These homemade brownies are the perfect chewy fudge squares of chocolate. You'll never buy a boxed brownie mix again!


  1. Posted by AshReither, — Reply

    We used semisweet chocolate chips . . . I will probably cut the sugar down to 2/3 cup next time. These were pretty simple and soooo delish! My new favorite brownie recipe!

  2. Posted by caramacrae, — Reply

    These brownies are seriously so delicious🤤 My whole family loves them. I used semi sweet chocolate chips and added the tiniest bit of baking powder.

  3. Posted by wldathrt1, — Reply

    There is no levening agent in this recipe. Was gonna add some but tried without. Yuck! Way too dense and greasy,and I used less butter than called for. Next time if I try this will add baking powder.👎

  4. Posted by Lizzie15wilson, — Reply

    These are the best brownies! I’ve tried a ton of recipes and this one is most definitely the best, super rich and chocolatey. I’ll never use another recipe again!

  5. Posted by funsizemi, — Reply

    This is my new go to brownie recipe! I use semi sweet chips and an 8x8 pan (it is all I have) for anyone who is wondering, it works fine just add 5-10 extra min depending on your oven as your brownies will be much thicker.

  6. Posted by embroiderybybnb, — Reply

    Below mentioned problem solved. Anyway! I tried these and they are so rich and yummy! New name is Death by Chocolate. Thanks for this recipe.

  7. Posted by rachbt3, — Reply

    Unfortunately this recipe was no good for me. It asked for far too much butter. Despite that, I felt the ratio of dry ingredients to wet ingredients was way off. Also, no baking soda?

  8. Posted by s1lkypeach, — Reply

    This recipe is the best homemade brownie I have ever found in 20 years of searching! It is the closest to boxed mixes, just downright delish!!!

  9. Posted by ellev923, — Reply

    Really good and easy to make, I used semi sweet chocolate chips and did 3/4 whole chips in the batter instead of a cup. Kind of rich but great in small doses!

  10. Posted by mcmla98, — Reply

    10/10! These brownies are delicious! My family likes super soft brownies so we let them set for 15 min and then ate them and they were perfect!

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