My Everyday Makeup Routine - Putting Me Together


I’m excited to share my daily makeup routine!  I personally love seeing how other people do things, like curl their hair, do their makeup, or whatever.  So, though I am certainly no expert on makeup, I thought it’d be fun to share my makeup routine anyway! I like my makeup to add that polish to my overall look, but I don’t want to look really made up.  I still want to look normal, just polished, which is very similar to my clothing style and how I want to look cute and put together, but normal.  It’s also similar to my clothing style in that I use a handful of products that are more expensive mixed with lots of drug store items.  (Basically like how I’ll wear a pair of Old Navy jeans, a $30 top, and a $100+ pair of UGG wedges.) I’ve been wanting to share it for a long time, but I didn’t have a great method to do so as taking pictures of each step or doing a video didn’t seem feasible.  It wasn’t until I saw Fran post a nifty collage of her daily makeup routine that I finally had a handle on a way I could easily …


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    Hi, these pins are really great! Have you ever recommended products like these on Superble? We all share our experiences and recommendations, we help others to make better purchasing decisions and we make money! Sharing is Caring :)

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    You use two foundations??

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    love number 5!!! it's my go-to mascara!

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    Where is the highlight tho????

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    Breathtaking ✨😻✨

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    Gorgeous 💋🔥💯

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