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  1. Posted by mister_president, — Reply

    Well....the picture is real,yes. But it's from the movie "Generation Um".And it' very old from 2017.It keeps getting reposted every few months for some reason,but it's a fun picture xD

  2. Posted by maggiechachulsk, — Reply

    It may be illegal but I'm pretty sure the paparazzi could be charged with stalking, harassment, pictures without consent, and multiple others. Only know these ones but I'd like to know more. What did I miss?

  3. Posted by Comic_Dweller, — Reply

    Cool, except the fact that it’s still a crime and cameras are expensive as hell. Yes I know that that’s not what happened here but still.

  4. Posted by mjcantu78, — Reply

    Idk why I feel this picture would've made more sense if it had been a bag of oranges 🤣 he doesn't look like paparazzi does he🤔🤣

  5. Posted by Sage7077, — Reply

    If I ever become a rock star or something and paparazzi are harassing me i will make sure to steal their cameras

  6. Posted by ThatOneChickAlyssa, — Reply

    i feel like id be this kind of famous person if everyone tried to keep taking pictures 0w0

  7. Posted by zbukkos2006, — Reply

    This is the humor people need xD Keanu Reeves keep doing what your doing your awesome 🤣

  8. Posted by lorena_03170103, — Reply

    You don’t mess with Keanu and live to tell the tale

  9. Posted by yarasaabri, — Reply

    I think paparazzi should be illegal! It’s the same as stalking

  10. Posted by rustyc216, — Reply

    The new John Wick looks great!

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